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I have reserved a mobil home/camping pitch and I would like to stay in particular mobile home or particular campinig pitch. Is it posible?

We always try our best to meet our guest’s wishes. However, it is not possible to guarantee that because it depends of the reservations dynamics of that mobile home / Camping pitch type during the whole season.

Can we get the camping pitch next to our friends?

We shall try to put you next to your friends if it is possible but , since we are a very small campsite and we have only a few camping pitches available, it will not be always possible. However, all camping pitches in our small campsite are very close to each other.

I have camping trailer which is 8m long. Is it your campsite suitable for me?

Our campsite is not optimal for caravans longer than 7 m. The configuration of the access road to the campsite is downhill with curves which make maneuvering difficult for longer vehicles. Camping ptiches are not “drive through” so longer caravans may have difficulties to park on the camping pitch.

Is there a restaurant or shop or bakery in the campsite?

We are a very small campsite so we don’t have restaurant, shop or bakery. The nearest bakery is cca 250 m from the campsite. The nearest shop is cca 300 m from the campsite. The nearest restaurant is cca 100 m from the campsite

Why the beach on fornt of the campiste is not arranged?

The area by the sea in front of the campsite is public good. According to the law, we are not allowed to make any construtional interference in that are. So it is 100 % natural :-)

How are public transport connections to Pula and Medulin?

For public transport to Pula or Medulin we suggest to use taxi. There are bus lines to Pula , approximately every few hours but the bus stop is cca 1,5 km from the campsite.

How can I get to Kamenjak peninsula from the campsite?

You can get to Kamenjak by car (there is a fee for car entrance), motorike or bicycle. We suggest to try go with the bicycle (there is a bike road to Kamenjak)

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